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Tips for Your Best Shoot

How to Look Like a Model in Your Next Shoot

Getting your photo taken in a professional shoot can be overwhelming, but keeping a few tips in mind will make you more photogenic in seconds!

1. Practice, Practice, Practice

It may sound a bit narcissistic, but practicing your poses in a mirror can really help you become more confident in what you’re doing the day of the shoot! If you can, practice while wearing the same outfits that you will wear at the shoot. Take a look at your body shape and how it looks when you move, and the difference in angles when you have you head titled right with your left foot more forward vs. your right more forward. Knowing your preferences before going to the shoot will make you feel more comfortable and save time.

2. Think About Angles

Almost everyone has a “side,” or an angle they look best from because most people do not have completely symmetrical faces. Take a look at photos of yourself that you really like, and see which way you were facing, or play around with some snapchat selfies. Keeping your body tilted to one side, even just slightly, will add more depth to your photo and make you look slimmer!

3. Come with Inspiration

As the client, knowing what you want out of a shoot is key! Whether you are getting headshots or doing a glamour editorial shoot, if you do not have a concrete idea in your head of the end product, it will be much harder for your photographer to deliver. If you’re having some trouble figuring out what you want, do some searching for photos of models that you really like because of the poses, lighting, etc. Sharing your inspiration with the photographer will save everyone lots of time and energy, and leave you happier in the end.